Supercharge your practice
with a cutting-edge healthcare medical CRM

Empower your team with an advanced, HIPAA-compliant medical CRM software driven by automation and AI.

Available through a web browser and desktop application, or with complete offline functionality on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

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Are you tired of prospective patients consistently falling through the cracks?

Do you want to track your marketing campaigns and gain insights into the financial impact of each campaign?

Are you seeking effective strategies to convert more prospective patients, track marketing campaigns, and streamline administrative tasks in your medical practice, including patient records, insurance claims, and billing, all while prioritizing the delivery of quality patient care?

MediCRM Core Functionality

MediCRM Additional Features

The system was developed with and by Plastic surgeons and medi spas

Explore why you need to let the system handle the automated part, allowing you to focus on what you do best: helping people and providing exceptional healthcare! A HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Patient Acquisition Software

Patient Acquisition

From Prospective Patient to Successful Treatment: Our All Inclusive CRM ensures Your Success.

MediCRM will help to increase your patient acquisition conversion by tracking every detail of the customer journey.

From first contact through each step of their engagement, you will have complete visibility and will ensure a successful treatment journey.

Campaign Tracking

The system tracks every prospective patient by automatically adding them to your CRM, then captures critical details such as keywords used, engagement channels and more, and links this information to the various campaigns.

The result is comprehensive dashboard that clearly reveals where your dollars are most effective, where your spending should be reallocated, your revenue earned by each campaign, outstanding revenue still in progress and more.

Control Your Process

Practice managers will always run the same step by step automation process. Our system is designed to help you implement your logical process. The simple use of buttons that provide a simulation of the best case scenario to operate as an employee and ensure that you won't incur any financial losses during the first patient management and acquisition phase.

Automated Billing

When the patient agrees to a treatment, our system generates invoices automatically whenever the treatment has been provided. This comprehensive functionality guarantees seamless financial operations for your clinic, effectively saving you time, simplifying your accounting processes, and guaranteeing proper and accurate financial processes.

Zero Spillage Policy

Team members often forget to contact potential patients in a timely manner, resulting in missed follow-ups, delayed proposal of a treatment plan, and inadequate post-treatment care. Our system is specifically designed to address these issues. From the moment a potential patient enters the system to the completion of the treatment and beyond, we have you covered. Our system ensures that your team stays on top of everything!

Enhancing Patient Care: The Transformative Impact of

More returning

More positive

Fewer staff mistakes
and errors

Integrated invoice

Streamlined appointment scheduling and reminders

Reduced wait times for patient satisfaction and improved clinic workflow

Better management capabilities in handling similar tasks effortlessly

What Are The Features Of Our Amazing System?

Empowering Success: Unveiling the Game-Changing Features of Our Revolutionary

MediCRM Core Functionality

We are going to present the step by step process on how we
convert a prospective patient to a happy one!

Step 1
Healthcare Marketing Automation

At, we understand that every patient's journey begins with them as a new prospective patient.

That's why our system is designed to accept prospective patients from various channels, ensuring comprehensive coverage:

  • Integrated phone system
  • Social Messages
  • Customer and Employees Referrals
  • Import Leads
  • Requisition Form
  • Integrated SMS system
  • Incoming Emails
  • Your Website Contact Form
  • Website Chat

But here's what sets us apart: While our competition can track the number of prospective patients generated from each marketing campaign, we go the extra mile. We also track the amount of revenue generated from each marketing campaign. With this information, you can have a clear understanding of the bottom line knowing exactly how much you spend and how much you earn per campaign. No more guesswork, just valuable insights for your practice's success.

Step 2
Effective Patient Acquisition Process

Our advanced prospective patient system boasts a meticulously crafted Blueprint that encompasses a well defined and structured approach to maximize the effectiveness of your patient acquisition process. This comprehensive framework guarantees that your patient acquisition team adheres to a standardized process when engaging with potential patients. We place great importance on diligent follow-ups, ensuring that accurate and detailed data entry is performed consistently to uphold the highest level of information integrity. Moreover, meticulous data entry practices not only fulfill compliance requirements but also enable the generation of accurate reports and insightful analytics.

Ultimately, our objective is to guide the prospective patient toward visiting your practice. This can be achieved through a range of methods, including automated tools such as text messages, email, and forms, as well as personalized phone calls made by your patient acquisition team. The bottom line remains the same: bringing the prospective patients to your clinic and converting them to loyal patients.

Step 3
Prospective Patient Management

Once a prospective patient enters you system, the next step is to schedule their initial appointment (online meeting or in-office). Our system ensures that the assigned patient acquisition staff promptly contacts the prospective patient to secure a booking at your practice. As the prospective patient becomes familiar with your services, the Treatment Plan (proposal) process commences. With our versatile CRM, you have the flexibility to handle both major and minor procedures. For minor procedures, you can choose to skip the Treatment Plan (proposal) phase and proceed directly with the treatment.

With our automated system, generating Treatment Plan (proposal) becomes a breeze. Utilizing your pre -existing templates within the system, Treatment Plans (proposal) are effortlessly created. You have the option to send Treatment Plan (proposal) automatically or have your team review them before sharing them with the prospective patient.

What if the prospective patient fails to respond? Our system takes proactive measures by automatically following up with the prospective patient up to three times. If the prospective patient continues to disregard the Treatment Plan (proposal), the assigned team member is promptly notified, empowering them to take the necessary action.

Step 4
Automated Patient Agreement Signatures

During the patient acquisition and treatment journey, there is a need for signatures on multiple documents, including consent forms and agreements.

With our system, the process of generating these documents is incredibly simple. By extracting the necessary data from the CRM, the system automatically populates the forms, allowing you to conveniently review them or even send them out automatically. This streamlined approach saves time and ensures accuracy in document creation. Ultimately, our objective is to guide the prospective patient toward visiting your practice.

Step 5
Healthcare Finance: Managing Patient Invoicing

Once the Treatment Plan (proposal) is accepted, our system promptly generates an automated invoice utilizing our renowned accounting system. This invoice offers a variety of payment options, including ACH, cash, credit card, or cheque, allowing your clients the flexibility to settle their dues conveniently.

Our comprehensive accounting system goes beyond invoicing and incorporates vital functionalities such as bank feeds sync, inventory management, vendor management, patient and vendor portals, and more.

This extensive range of features ensures a smooth and efficient financial operation for your practice, ultimately saving you time and simplifying your accounting processes.

Step 6
Medical Treatment Management

After the Treatment Plan (proposal) is approved, the treatment
can proceed.

Our system is designed to cater for various treatment scenarios, whether it's a single procedure like plastic surgery or a package that includes multiple sessions such as laser hair removal treatments.

With our flexible system, you can easily manage and schedule treatments of different types, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow for your practice.

Step 7
Patient Opportunity Tracking

Throughout any treatment, patients may express their interest in pursuing additional treatments in the future.

Our system is designed to capture and track these future opportunities, ensuring that no potential opportunity goes unnoticed. When the time is right, our system will alert you to follow up with the patient, maximizing the chances of converting these opportunities into actual appointments.

By leveraging our system's ability to log and manage future opportunities, you can proactively engage with patients and enhance the growth of your practice.